• Weekday sessions 8hrs £180 !!! 
  • Weekend session day 8hrs £250
  • Evening 5 hour sessions (6pm - 11pm)  - £140
  • 1 hr - £50 perfect for (Voiceovers/karaoke etc)

Standard day rates (weekdays)


£180 full day session (8hrs)

The full 2fly treatment. Includes recording, engineering, production, mixing and mastering from professional staff with an outstanding track record.            07725251010  

Video & Record!!

£280 - full day session

A one day session, 6hrs recording your music then a video filmed in 2fly. Great for ‘live lounge’ type sessions and more. Ring for details or more information.                                                                                 07725251010

2 day session video £580.

Record and mix up to two songs on day one and record the video/s on day two, with some editing.  

Phone for full details                                                                   07725251010